Tuesday, 31 January 2012

White Dwarf first with news shock!

So I woke up on Saturday morning and my White Dwarf had arrived. And believe it or don't, I hadn't read anything about the new LotR books or models on the internet before I saw the pictures for the first time on paper!!!

It actually felt pretty good.

Seeing the pictures as GW meant them to be seen, without being prefaced by anti-GW (or more specifically, anti-GW's-LotR-range) comments, I felt some of the wonder that I only used to experience before the internet got popular.

I know this is probably a one-off, they slipped it through the leakers because it's only LotR, but it was a nice change.

HOWEVER... in this month's Standard Bearer, Jervis Johnson talks for a whole page about tape measures. I guess he must have done that for a bet.