Friday, 12 August 2011

To write or not to write

My backstory is underway, now I have to decide whether I want to write any short stories about it. Writing background is different to fiction, it's more like a historical document than a story. I always liked the way that Games Workshop mixed the two styles in the older Codexes, it was a very effective way of bringing the players into the universe. Now they restrict it to White Dwarf, which makes sense - you want the Codex to be a reference book, not a page-turner, and I'd rather have Codexes be 100% useful, rather than have a big chunk of it a read-once affair. We have the Black Library for the really good fiction.

The problem is, I haven't written fiction for a long time (unless you count tax returns). There's cobwebs in that bit of my brain.

Maybe I should write under the pseudonym Dan AbNot, just in case. :)

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