Monday, 29 August 2011

Things NOT going in my backstory...

Here's something I posted on the BoLS forum concerning ideas to move the 40K fluff on a little bit. It's now buried under a pile of trollbait, so here it is saved for posterity...

1) The Emperor is revealed to be the Hive Mind, and the Tyranids are a failed attempt to create an army that could be sent into the Warp to defeat Chaos once and for all.

2) Necrons are reprogrammed by the Tau to become allies.

3) The Eldar die out until there's only one Craftworld left, and all their units are now 0-1 choices to fit the new fluff.

4) Groups of unhinged people all over the Imperium start banding together to exchange pictures of cats with funny captions on. These are called LOLcults.

5) Slaanesh mates with Tzeentch to create a new Chaos God that can't decide if it is coming or going.

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