Friday, 2 September 2011

Forge World Strongpoint review

My first ever mail order from Forge World arrived today - the colossal Realm Of Battle Imperial Strongpoint!

First things first - it IS 3mm too small on the important edges, which means it can only really work on the edge of the board, not in the centre. It would be impossible to pad it out (at least with my meagre skills). I'm going to complain, but I doubt there's much they can do - it's a fundamental issue.

On the plus side though, the detailing is great.

It arrived in a big empty box, with no padding. The board itself is surprisingly sturdy, and although it doesn't feel fragile, you just know that stepping on it will lead to tears. It was covered in dust that I had to brush off (a bit too much like housework for me), and it was cast out of black resin (which I haven't seen before).

They've thought about the design quite a bit. There is an emplacement that neatly fits a large base, so you can have a Dreadnought blast away at anything that moves.

And a nice touch is a round slot for the gun from the Bastion or the Comms Array from the Aegis Battle Line to sit. And it fits nicely.

All in all, I really like it. It's disappointing about the 3mm shortfall, but the rest of the construction quality bodes extremely well for future boards.

Arbitrary score: 8/10

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