Thursday, 17 November 2011

Every cloud has a Necron silver lining

Oh the irony... A few years ago I bought a Necron Warrior Phalanx when it was on limited release, and then picked up a few cheap Warrior sets off Ebay, and they have lain dormant all this time, waiting for a new Codex (oft rumoured, never materialising) while I concentrated on my Tyranids.

Now we have a new Codex, and I have rushed out to add all the new shinies to my Tomb Cupboard.

My 2012 To Do List

So here we have...

Overlord w. Res Orb
Lord w. Warscythe and Res Orb
Deathmarks x 5
Immortals x 5
Lychguards x 5
Praetorians x 5
Catacomb Command Barge
Ghost Ark
Warriors x 79
Scarabs x 27
Destroyer Lord w. Res Orb
Destroyer x 6
Doomsday Ark
Annihilation Barge
Monolith x 2

A grand total of 3462 points, instant Apocalypse! And I haven't even looked at Special Characters yet.

So that's even more added to the Grey Tide. The only saving grace is that I have promised myself I will finish my Tyranids before I start even assembling my Necrons. I'm getting close, too. Just the Carnifexes and the annoying metal models left.

Then 2012 will be the year of the Necron!

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