Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Not such an Evil Empire

So I succumbed to the lure of the High Elf Army deal - I don't even really collect Warhammer armies, but I have Battle For Skull Pass and Island Of Blood, and lots (if not all) of the terrain. But a good deal is a good deal, and especially when it's from Games Workshop itself, and I decided on a little Christmas present just for me.

After an aborted attempt at getting it even cheaper from Wayland Games (they ran out before they could send my order), I bought it for £130 direct from the GW site. I got it sent to my local store, to save hassle with the delivery.

When I got to the store, and checked my order (for you should always check), the box was not the High Elf Army as I ordered, but the same amount of contents as separate boxed items. Which was a bit weird considering they actually had a High Elf Army box sitting on the shelf in the store. But I counted it up, it was all there, albeit heavier and bulkier because of the extra packaging. I took it home, wondering when I would have time to build and paint it all.

Once home, I noticed that actually, I didn't have 20 Archers as promised, but two complete boxes of 16 Archers instead. That's 12 free Archers! I can see why this was done, it's easier to pack an extra box of 16 than it is to take a single sprue out and pack it separately, but not many companies would be that lazy/generous in equal measure.

In total, I got £215.50 worth of plastic crack for only £130. Nearly a 40% saving.

So thumbs up for Games Workshop! Say what you like about their high prices, when it comes to keeping paying customers happy, they just get it done. I've had equally good experiences in the two times that I had to return faulty product, too.

They've earned my loyalty for another year at least. So they'll be able to gold-plate the executive jet I've bought their office cleaner with what I've spent on them so far.

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