Saturday, 31 December 2011


No, they're not wearing Santa hats, but I did paint them up over Christmas...

I had to put the Heavy Venom Cannons in the front arm sockets - I just could not get the Scything Talons to fit when I put the HVCs in the back sockets. I can only suppose that the "official" GW pics of Fexes with HVCs show models that have been modified. Still, I don't mind which way round they go, they still look good.

Group shot
Here they all are together, 870 points of mayhem.

Heavy Venom Cannon, Frag Spines, Bioplasma
I wanted to have a Brood of 3 Carnifex, I like to be able to max out my units. Whether I'll play them like this, I don't know, but 3 HVCs are not to be sniffed at.

Crushing Claws, Frag Spines, Regeneration
 I wanted to have a scary close combat Carnifex, so I gave this one the BIG Scything Talons. It's going to be an expensive fire magnet, but both stats-wise and visually, it will be a can-opener for my Mech opponents.

Heavy Venom Cannon, Frag Spines
 Initially I was going to leave the "freckles" at the far ends of the ammo tube (from the left arm to the gun) as they were, because I didn't know how to paint them. But I tried a droplet of Thraka Green wash in there, and it turned out brilliantly. Really easy to do.

Interchangeable heads!
 I do like the way the heads are constructed, so they can slot into the neck socket without glue, and without magnets. It is a very easy way of making construction kit fexes. Now I can run my Brood without Bioplasma if I want to save points, or I can have a single HVC Fex with Regen.

This one escaped and went on a rampage...
People don't make enough photos mixing models with the real world. :)

Happy New Year!

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